Pennsylvania Jobs

Bob Casey’s top priority is Pennsylvania jobs. He was one of the first senators to propose a tax cut to encourage employers to hire unemployed workers, he’s fighting for more loans to small businesses, and he is working to pass a new job creation tax cut. He has sought to maximize the benefit of Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry while protecting drinking water. To spur growth in Pennsylvania’s life sciences industry, Bob Casey is leading bipartisan efforts to promote medical research and aid small businesses.

Changing Washington

Bob Casey thinks that the constant fighting and refusal to compromise in Washington is hurting our country. He works with Democrats and Republicans to find fair solutions to problems facing Pennsylvania families. Bob Casey has supported spending cuts and measures to force Washington to live within its means. He has also supported reforms to stop automatic pay increases for Congress and to strengthen ethics rules.

Pennsylvania Families

Bob Casey has been committed to fighting for the interests of Pennsylvania’s families. He has supported tax cuts for middle-income families to help make ends meet and to boost the economy. He has voted against tax breaks for big oil and stood up to Wall Street by pushing for tough new rules to protect Pennsylvanians and the economy.

Pennsylvania Manufacturing and Trade

As a manufacturing state, unfair trade practices by countries like China have hit Pennsylvania hard. Bob Casey has fought against unfair trade practices that would put Pennsylvania jobs at risk, and he is fighting for tough sanctions against China for its currency abuses and illegal dumping of cheap products in American markets.


Bob Casey is a nationally recognized advocate for children because of his work supporting the Children’s Health Insurance Program, early childhood education and child care. In recognition of this work, Bob Casey has received numerous awards from state and national organizations.

National Security and Veterans

As a senior member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Casey is a leader on national security, fighting terrorism and protecting our troops. To keep our commitments to those who have served our country, he has written legislation to provide veterans with tax credits for starting a small business, and he voted for the Hire Heroes Act that gives tax credits for Pennsylvania businesses that hire out-of-work veterans.

Older Pennsylvanians

Bob Casey has consistently stood up for older Pennsylvanians, voting time and again to protect the long-term solvency of Social Security and Medicare, while fighting Republican attempts to make seniors pay six thousand dollars more for Medicare so they could use the money to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy.